If you haven’t jumped into the #BFCM game yet then it’s not necessarily too late to take advantage of the upcoming shopping craze that hits the United States 1 day and 4 days after Thanksgiving.

For years, Black Friday has been known as the day to get deep discounts on retail merchandise, appliances and in-store goods. But as the internet has taken over our lives and our economy is shaped by e-commerce, Cyber Monday is actually the bigger shopping day.Cyber Monday traditionally comes three days after Black Friday and revolves exclusively around online deals. It’s even bigger than Black Friday — retail sales this year are expected to top $10 billion.


“Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping.”

– Bo Derek


So, how have you prepared, if at all, for your business to take part in the shopping craze that hitting consumers for the next 5 days?

Here are a few quick tips that it’s not too late to implement:

Theme out your website:

This one might be too late for 2019 but in the future, consider adding a total dark/black theme to your website. If you’re running WordPress, there are a few available plugin’s that enable you to put your site in “Dark Mode” or “Night Mode” that will definitely help you play up the theme. If that’s too extreme, try a straight forward black and white look, with BIG eye catching banners clearly and loudly communicating to your website visitors that you’re running a #BFCM deal. If you don’t have time to theme out your entire website, you can probably find a designer who hasn’t hit the road yet to pull together a quick banner for your site.

Get an email campaign out to your customers:

Trust me, people are being bombarded with social posts, emails, TV commercials and more. And while I’m sure your customers love you and your products, peoples’ attention spans are incredibly short and if you’re not on the top of their minds during the holidays, chances are you’re not on their minds at all. Yes people are tired of being spammed, but Email Marketing is still incredibly effective and it’s up to you to let your customers know that you have something going on. A quick email with a compelling offer for customers to shop with you could be the difference between modest sales and crushing the #BFCM game.

Think Mobile

m-commerce is on the rise. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile (gasp) then you’re most likely missing out on a key demographic of customers who are shopping online from their phones. Do a quick check of your site to make sure it’s optimized for mobile shopping. It’s not too late to make a few tweaks .

US Holiday Season Retail Mcommerce Sales, 2013-2019 (billions and % of holiday season retail ecommerce sales)

Add a live chat feature to your site.

With all the different sites promoting deals this year (as always), customers are going to be comparison shopping between you and your competitors. Having a live chat on your site could be the difference between closing a deal by answering a few quick questions, and losing that sale to your competitor. Companies like HubSpot, Drift, Shopify, Intercom and others all offer live chat options for your site at reasonable costs, and they’re all really easy to setup. Make sure to have your live chat on and yourself available directly after sending out any email campaigns.

Track everything

A simple and effective way of tracking your site performance is Google Analytics. If you’re not using it, you should implement it quickly. Whether you’re fully prepared for #BFCM or pulling together a few last-minute things, there’s no better way to understand how well you’re performing than studying your analytics and business intelligence software. At very least it will help you better prepare for next year or other upcoming holiday sales, if you’re not ready this year.

Check out what your competition is doing

Nothing like checking in on your competition and offering something just a little bit better. If your competition is offering a 20% off sale, you should at least match it, or even better, offer 21%. Heck, go crazy and offer 25% off. At the end of the day, the best deals are the ones that bring is mass quantities of shoppers rather than just a few here and there. So, if you consider that a slightly better deal has the chance to take loyal customers away from your competition, and get them to shop with you instead, you’ll understand that offering a seasonal or flash discount has the potential to serve you over the long-term, not just for #BFCM.

In closing, the above mentioned strategies are all relatively easy to implement, and it’s not too late. Think about pulling some of these together over the next few days. If you can’t get them ready for Black Friday, you certainly still have a handful of days left to get your website ready for Cyber Monday. If done well, and in combination with other conversion strategies, the customers you get and data you collect, should empower you to turn your holiday shoppers into year-round customers.


If you don’t have a strategy for #BCFM or post holiday shopping marketing. Let’s talk.