Content services

A powerful content strategy is critical when it comes to guiding the creation, delivery and governance of content that succeeds in meeting your business objectives and your audience needs.

Whether it’s sales, sign-ups, donations, registrations, downloads or simply eyeballs you seek, a powerful content strategy is vital.

Yet no matter how many times we hear the hackneyed adage ‘Content is King’, we consistently see content being treated as an afterthought. Like the piece of the puzzle that slips under the coffee table and gets forgotten until the end.

Our content and digital strategists have years of experience overseeing successful projects and will make sure you’re on the front foot with content. They’ll help you put the processes in place to produce content that’s laser-focused on meeting the needs of your target audience and achieving your objectives.

How we do it

We offer content strategy services to help you develop a roadmap for your content marketing efforts. Starting with a content statement to frame your content efforts to goal setting and content tactics, we will help you build a strong foundation for your content marketing.

Website content audit

Understanding the state of your content is the first step in delivering targeted content that speaks to your audience needs and meets your business objectives. Our content audit and inventory services will provide you with a qualitative insight into how your content is working; whether it is your top 25 pages (based on your data analytics) or a full sitewide content inventory. We analyse your website content against predefined criteria and create a report and recommendations of how to create and manage your content. We can also help with your annual content audit or audit program.

Content strategy

Our content strategists will work with you to set the future direction for your content through the delivery of a content strategy that aligns with your organisation’s business strategy and audience needs. From a single strategy on a page to a full strategy that outlines processes for content production and management within your organisation, your strategy can include: content goals and tactics, content roadmap, recommended content workflow and management model to suit your organisation and tech stack, content governance and guidelines, and synthesis of existing brand voice or creation of a specific brand voice for your website content.

Copywriting and content editing

Whether you need website content, blog posts, email newsletters, whitepapers or other lead generation content assets, we can help. We’ll work with you to understand your brand voice and SEO requirements to create compelling content that speaks directly to your target audience. We can also help support your in-house content efforts with our proofreading and copy editing services. Often it helps having a fresh or external pair of eyes to look over your content. Our copy editing services can be used in conjunction with our copywriting services or as a standalone content service.

Content modelling

Understanding the different kinds of content you have on your website and documenting them helps to create alignment across your website development and efficiencies in content creation. Alongside our UX team (or your internal UX team) we can help break down content types into their component parts, describe them in detail and map how they relate to one another.

Content governance and style guides

Content operations can sometimes become unwieldy and siloed when they exist outside a content strategy framework. We work with you to assess your existing content approach to define content governance and style guides that help you deliver consistent and efficient content delivery processes.

Content writing workshop

Our content specialists can deliver practical tips on creating compelling UX content for your website that includes ways to structure your content, use of plain language principles and the basics of SEO writing, and ways to test your content.