We’re a team of passionate innovators who love all-things digital. We are incredibly hands-on with our clients as execution partners for brands that have strategy in place and need help executing, or taking the lead for clients building from the ground up.

Every stage of our client engagement has multiple levels of approval and control so everyone is always aware of what’s going on. Our goal is results based. Understanding your business goals, how you define success and how to deliver the highest ROI for your brand.


Strategic Thinkers

We’re not a paint by numbers agency. We work with you intimately to craft solutions that will propel your business to new heights. 


Process Driven 

We always start an engagement with upfront discovery, and draft detailed strategy that ensures a successful outcome.


Engaging Creative 

Design is really an act of communication, which means having a deep understanding of the customer we’re helping you engage and connect with.


Tech Innovators

We’re relentless problem solvers, delivering cutting-edge technology solutions to serve as the foundational  growth elements to our clients’ businesses. 

A few key people that make things work around here.


Jeremy Mays 
Founder + CEO

Tony Hyppolite
Head of Digital Media Production

Geoffrey Murallon
Front End Developer

Jenny Farias
Partner | Branding + Strategy

Shahzad Ahmed
Full Stack Developer

Brandon Stewart
Director of Search

Joanne Burgess
Content + Creative Services

Director of Barking & Napping


Frankie Stavrianopoulos
Business + Client Services

Usman Shabir
Back-End Developer

J. Martinez
Director of Paid Media

Rafael Peduti
Senior Content Developer



We work with motivated brands that believe in bold ideas and want a partner like Transmyt to take the lead in their growth agenda. 


Articles & Perspectives

We offer actionable advice for brands and businesses to implement in their growth efforts. We take pride in the content we produce and implement all of these strategies and considerations in our client accounts too. 

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2021: A Digital Marketing Year In Review

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