Product Development

Building and managing successful digital products requires a product team with a product mindset. Whether a SaaS solution to a time-intensive business process or a mobile app for creating healthy habits, Transmyt is here to support your product vision.

Transmyt has been an industry leader in web-first technologies since 1999, working with everyone from startups to large enterprises.

Our expertise includes websitesweb apps, progressive web applications (PWAs), and web-enabled experiences (UI, Chat and VUI).

When it comes to delivering products, however, the type isn’t important. What is important is that it is done with a focus on outcomes. By viewing all projects through the lens of a product, we remain laser-focused on long-term impact. It’s about delivering value early, often and over future horizons. This can only be achieved through a true client/agency partnership, establishing Agile ways of working and a program of continuous improvement.

How we can help

We want to help our clients shape the entire experience. This means that rather than solely delivering to a set of pre-defined requirements, we also help our clients understand what their product should be. As a digital partner, we are here to support the entirety of the product development journey, from the discovery of customer, business and technical requirements, to MVP build and long-term growth. Or as we call it, Explore. Build. Grow.

Delivery and management

To be truly successful, a product needs to be managed as a product. Rather than delivering to a fixed project timeline, we focus on launching the best, right-sized product early. It’s about supporting the lifecycle of the product, which means being connected more strategically to business and audience goals. For that reason, we put the emphasis on maximising the value your product creates against established KPIs and push scope back, rather than out, so that we may meet your project objectives.

Our Product Delivery Managers are ICAgile certified and their relationship with the client’s Product Owner forms a highly collaborative product management team with shared accountability.

Key attributes of a product team

  • Focused on the product lifecycle – over a ‘one and done’ project
  • Measured by the impact on product and performance (cradle to grave accountability) – as opposed to time and budget
  • Stable long-running teams
  • Constrained by the DVF framework (desirability, viability and feasibility) – as opposed to time, budget and scope
  • Risks actively worked upfront rather than identified as they arise
  • Work is defined, designed, delivered and validated collaboratively, rather than being driven by a project manager.

Product as a service

Finally, products have to be considered within a broader system. They require cloud Infrastructuredigital ops and service design expertise to support and optimise the processes, services and infrastructure that brings users to them. Products also need to serve the business that has created them.

We aim to ensure that products are developed to support business operations and strategies at every level of operation. This is achieved by including business processes and operations as a central consideration throughout all research and development practices, and by growing the client/agency partnership.

We are committed to helping you achieve your growth objectives by ensuring your product is scalable and performance is measurable.

Commercial models

We are happy to work with you to find a commercial model that fits the nature and scope of the engagement and reflects our level of co-investment in a product idea. Some of the models we are prepared to consider include:

  • Time and materials (flat-rate)
  • Retainer model – product team billed monthly (scrum team)
  • Flat rate + incentive structure (reward for achieving agreed goals)
  • Flat rate + profit/revenue sharing (joint IP)
  • Co-ownership with profit/revenue sharing (joint IP)