Data and analytics

Our digital analytics team brings the quantitative data perspective to our project insights across each of the phases of delivery. Setting a measurement framework early ensures that your digital asset performs to its best – and having the numbers readily available helps prove the case for continued investment.

Data analytics is all about starting with the end in mind. It involves setting long-term goals and success metrics for your digital investment and then working backwards to isolate the key behaviours and interactions to be tracked, measured and optimised.

Our data and analytics specialists follow this process:

  • Benchmarking a point in time, setting KPIs that ladder up to the overall business objectives and then implementing the necessary tracking throughout the digital experience.
  • Breaking your website down into key areas to help understand the levers that can be pulled to improve overall performance.
  • Using data to guide decisions. This means you should have data attached to each interaction in the short, medium and long term.
  • Using data effectively. It’s not just about metrics but how you split those metrics up, by location, by user type, and by a device, that really helps you identify actionable insights.
  • Generating actionable insights. There is no sense in reporting if there is nothing you are going to do about it. All reports should have a ‘Why should I care?’, or ‘What can be done about it?’ component. Numbers in silos only tell part of the story.

How we do it

Storytelling combined with data is a key way to get business cases approved, stakeholders aligned and everyone on the same page about why what they are doing is important to the business. At our data consultants regularly provide the following services.

Google Analytics audit

If you can’t trust your data, you won’t use it to find insights. Auditing your current set-up allows you to have confidence that you are collecting data correctly and effectively. Undertaking this work early means you also have the opportunity to correct errors on your existing website until the new one is live, ensuring great YoY data is available.

Measurement strategies

A clear strategy that aligns to business goals ensures you get the answers to the questions you have on how people use your digital assets. A measurement strategy gets to the heart of what is important to your organisation and helps delve deeper into the ‘why’ users behave the way they do.

Tracking implementation

Ensuring every website is built with SEO best practices in place guarantees that clients are empowered to achieve their SEO goals. Once the site is live, we continue to scan for insights and improve performance over time by adapting to algorithm updates and market trends.

Automated dashboards

Automate time-consuming regular tasks with automated dashboards. Our Google Analytics consultants work with you to report on what will help you find meaningful insights and take out the monotony of weekly or monthly reports and focus on the insights themselves.

Deep dive analysis

When there are burning questions that can only be answered by getting deep into the data, we review your aggregate data to identify trends, patterns and answer these questions. That could be abandonment, personalisation, session behaviours and device nuances.

AB testing

The easiest way to know the impact of a change is to test it. Our data and analytics specialists can work with you to create an AB testing strategy that focuses on key metrics you want to improve, implement these tests, and analyse the results.


Visitors respond better to a one-to-one conversation. Once you know who your users are and what is driving them to convert on your site, we can set up personalised experiences that show you understand their needs and are there to solve their problems.