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E-Commerce: Abandoned Cart Emails. Use Them!!

If you're in any type of e-commerce business such as cannabis, online cbd products or clothing, without a doubt you're looking for ways to boost sales and revenue. An abandoned cart email is a follow-up email sent to someone who has added items to their cart, and gotten through a part of the ...

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Why website maintenance is important?

The majority of business owners understand the importance of having a website, but often they simply create a site, launch it, and never look at it again, ignoring website maintenance entirely. Websites need routine maintenance to ensure that all of the components (links, inquiry or contact forms, images, payment mechanisms, shopping carts…) are ...

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2019: How To Contact Facebook Live Chat Support For Ads & Business Pages

As a digital marketing agency, we're managing a portfolio of various Facebook pages, and while our main focus is not Media Buys, we do run a handful or paid campaigns, sponsored stories and boosted posts across the entire Facebook Network. They've made is so intuitive that we almost never need support, save for ...

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Does your business have a Roadmap?

A strategic roadmap is a time-based plan that defines where a business is in their lifecycle, where it wants to go, and how to get it there. It is a visual representation that organizes and presents important information that should (but not must) require buy in from all key stakeholders of an organization ...

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Black Friday – Cyber Monday #BFCM

If you haven't jumped into the #BFCM game yet then it's not necessarily too late to take advantage of the upcoming shopping craze that hits the United States 1 day and 4 days after Thanksgiving. For years, Black Friday has been known as the day to get deep discounts on retail merchandise, appliances ...

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What do you think of Cyberturck?

With a couple of glitches in the presentation Tesla founder Elon Musk revealed the long awaited Cybertruck last night at the unveiling in LA. This Cyberturck certainly is a departure from the design pattern Tesla has followed for the last few years so it really got me thinking... Is this some form of ...

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The importance of color in your marketing

When marketing new products, it’s critically important that you consider the use of colors on consumers. Research shows that the proper use of color increases brand recognition by 80%. It also raises the visual appearance by 93%. A further 85% of consumers buy because of color.               ...

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Are your marketing decisions data-driven?

Marketing needs to be data-driven to be effective. If you know your target user’s behavior, goals, pain points, and challenges, you can develop marketing campaigns that cater to their specific needs.  “Without big data, you are blind and deaf and in the middle of a freeway.” – Geoffrey Moore Data such ...

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Let’s Talk “Conversion Rate Optimization”

If you’re unfamiliar with the term "Conversion Rate Optimization", here’s the best way of phrasing it: Traffic is what you get. Conversion optimization is what you do with it. Turns out, what you do with your existing web traffic is significantly more important than how much traffic you  get. For example, increasing your ...

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