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Is the Founder and CEO of Transmyt Marketing. He's an accomplished, award winning marketer, responsible for guiding companies though the complex challenges of navigating and succeeding in today's digital economy. To get in touch, you can email him at jeremy@transmyt.com

More Customer Data Sources Provide Better Insights

Using multiple data sources provides marketers with up-to-the-minute details of customer preferences and behavior. By leveraging these data sources, businesses can firm up customer engagement, fine-tune marketing campaigns, and drive business growth, all at lower costs. Released ...

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Is ChatGPT Here to Stay?

In early 2023, AI apps took a quantum leap forward. Spearheaded by ChatGPT, other ground-breaking tools have been popping up in its wake. They include Lensa, which morphs uploaded photos into works of art. Another AI contender ...

By |2023-06-03T19:10:54+00:00March 13th, 2023|Artificial Intelligence|

What Traits Identify Digital Leaders?

Unique combinations of technical expertise and leadership skills – that’s how digital leaders drive organizational transformations. As natural risk-takers, they are eager to try out new technologies and materials. Both visionary and strategic, they see how technology ...

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How Early Search Intent Can Boost Your SEO

Is your business flailing for footholds in rapidly changing markets? Here’s a cost-effective solution! Early intent insights offer priceless glimpses into what consumers really want, reflected in increasingly complex search parameters. Over the years, searches have become ...

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