Ferris Capital

Marlborough, Massachusetts

Client Name
Ferris Capital


B2C, Lead Gen, Customer Acquisition, Dispaly Ad Managment


Objective: The objective of our marketing partnership with Ferris Captial was to create a campaign to generate new leads from wealthy individuals in or near Massachusetts and the greater New England area, resulting in new acquisition to their firm. These ads were distributed and optimized across three platforms: Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

GOAL: The goal was to have their ads reach at least 25,000 individuals within a defined target audience. Assuming an average CTR (click through rate) across all platforms of 2.03%, 507.5 people would clicked the ads. Their goal would then be for 20% to take action and contact us, resulting in personal contact with 25 individuals. In the past they experienced a 75-90% conversion success rate once contact was made with a new prospects that meet the criteria for a customer.


Landing Page Development
SEO / PPC / Display Ads
Campaign Strategy
Content Marketing
Data Acquisition + Management
Campaign Optimization
Creative Services 
Customer Acquisition
Email Campaigns
Optimization + Reporting 

A few Characteristics of highly converting landing pages.

1. Proper Landing Page Structure

It’s important to organize the flow of information in a proper format. The common assumption is that a landing page should follow a logical top-to-bottom structure that starts by explaining the concept and ends with a call-to-action.  In this case, we kept the call to action at the top, inviting users to fill out the form in exchange for free valuable information, rather than waiting for a user to scroll to the bottom before asking for their contact information.

Moving your call-to-action (CTA) to the top may seem unnatural at first, but it will produce much higher returns in the long run. This is one tip you can’t ignore.

2. Targeted Headline

In most cases, the headline is the first thing a user will notice when they click on a landing page. This means your landing page’s headline needs to be a priority – not an afterthought.

3. Appropriate Colors

While color scheme may seem like a matter of preference, there’s actually a lot of logic behind the different colors high converting pages use. Consider the following:

  • Green represents growth, money and vitality
  • Blue is dependable and strong
  • White is balanced, neutral and calm