Pasha Entertainment

Boston, MA

Client Name
Pasha Entertainment


B2B, Beauty, Skin Care, eCommerce.


The leaders in Boston nightlife, hospitality and entertainment have partnered with Transmyt for over 15 years and our work has helped them actualize millions of dollars in new revenue opportunities for the business. From website to development, to eCommerce, to email marketing and social media management, we’ve brought this hospitality company to new heights, powered by cutting edge technology.

As a full service entertainment company designed with the goal of offering an exceptional experience to their clientele, they operate several of the poshest nightlife, restaurant and bar destinations in Boston. They believe that only the best is good enough, a philosophy that is reflected in their beautifully designed venues, stylish branding and incredible staff. Whether you’re seeking great parties, the hottest DJs, live music, craft cocktails or delicious cuisine, their locations, that we’ve so integrally been a part of,  have what any nightlife and hospitality coinesseur is in search of. We aimed to very carefully help Pasha extend their physical locations, to the digal world. Offering everything from distributing event information across the web, so social and ecommerce making ticketing simple and accessible.


Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Visual Identity
Website Design
Marketing Strategy
Media Production
Website Development
Creative Direction
Customer Acquisition
Email Campaigns

You don’t become a hospitality leader without cutting edge technology.

As a technology partner for Pasha Entertainment, we were charged with building robust, cutting edge web properties that enabled the venues to offer features and technology that today’s consumer has come to expect.

  1. An effective online booking system, making it easy to explore all upcoming events for the nightclubs and book event tickets online, along with VIP table reservations access to some of the most exclusive events in town.
  • Seemless eCommerce to ensure all online transactions are not only easy but secure.  
  • An interactive calendar to showcase the broad array of local and national artists performing at their venues and pull in records amount of data from interested attendees.  
  • Virtual venue tours for attendees and large format event planners to virutally visit the locations and get a feel for how their events would be facilitated before even stepping foot through the door.