Skn Elements

Miami, Florida

Client Name
Skn Elements


B2B, Beauty, Skin Care, eCommerce.


When a local medspa came to Transmyt looking for a fresh identity that could represent their new presence in the market and ambitions to grow into a nationally recognized brand, our team was pretty excited.

The chance to evolve an authentic brand from the groundwork that was already laid, covering everything from brand strategy, visual identity, and development all the way to art-directing photoshoots and developing an industry leading website was a momentous engagement for the agency and a business changing opportunity for Skn.
With years of establishing themselves as Skn Miami on the local beauty and skin care scene in South Florida. “Miami” just didn’t play right for a medspa looking to position itself on every street corner in every major city (including small-town USA) in the United States. We needed to create something more elemental and broadly accepted by people from all walks of life.
Skn needed an evolved and more sophisticated look that would resonate with skin care enthusiasts and industry professionals everywhere. Working closely with their team, Transmyt created an evolved, consumer-facing brand. We workshopped the name, designed a distinct look, captured great visuals, and built a sleek website. Bonus: We even took advantage of their leading, clinical skin care services for a bit of relaxation and skin clarity.


Brand Naming
Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Visual Identit
Website Design
Marketing Strategy
Website Development
Creative Direction
Customer Acquisition
Email Campaigns

Elevating a brand

Thanks to Caleb McGrew’s long work and established reputation as the go-to esthetician in South Florida, Skn already celebrated a strong following of loyal and vocal customers. That said, the existing SKN Miami brand was too localized for their ambitions of growing outside of the region, their website was disorganized and their brand was unrefiend. Thus failing to attract and retain new customers. When they brought us in to work with them, it was clear we needed to rebuild from the ground up.

Thinking of everything from brand positioning, guidelines to ensure any outside vendor or franchisee would be able to operate within consistent parameters and a web presence that carried new and old customers through the full lifecyle of connection around skin wellness. This was a particularly exciting endeavor because we could really help Skn Elements take their message and philosophy of “people first” to multiple channels across the interest to attract new customers and engage existing ones.

When accessible skin care for everyone needs a digital presence to reach everyone.

Like their mission of providing accessible skin care for everyone, we aimed to build Skn Elements a web presence that would expand their reach, help them connect with a broader consumer base and increase revenue through other means besides bookings. All while strategizing on how to effectively use their website and communication strategy to dive new customers in and existing / old customers to return.

We did heavy research on web presences and marketing strategies of national brands in similar industries and determined they needed the following:
  1. An effective online booking system, making it easy to explore all services, in the various categories and book appointments within a few quick clicks.
  • Seemless eCommerce to expand their revenue beyond services and bring their customers into the world of pairing high-quality products to compliment their treatments and give them lasting results.
  • Engaging Content. The goal was to make thier site a destination for customers to learn and grow their understanding of skin care topics while giving them a reason to spend recurring time consuming quality educational content.