Swartz & Swartz, P.C. 

Boston, Massachusetts

Client Name
Swartz & Swartz, P.C.


B2C, Lead Gen, Customer Acquisition


Swartz & Swartz, P.C. is one of the oldest and most respected personal injury law firms in Boston. They approached Transmyt looking for a partner who could help them design a new web presenence and help modernize their approach to acquiring new customers.

Our work with them focused (and continues to) on a broad cross section of curated digital marketing services designed to raise their profile, have their years of experience translated into effective outbound communication, and bring victims and their families to a law firm who truly cares about helping them seek justice for their pain and suffering.


Making personal injury accessible through the web.

In an otherwise uninteresting and highly competitive industry such as personal injury, our team sought out to create a highly engaging web experience for Swartz & Swartz that would engage users looking for help, educate potential clients on the services the firm provides and make is a easy as possible for the victim of an accident to discreetly seek help from an attorney via multiple touch points such as live chat, sidebar inquiry forms, and easily found contact information at the top and bottom of every page. When crisis hits, the last thing customers need is to have trouble reaching an attorney.

To keep people engaged and make the Swartz Law website a destination website as well as making personal injury more relateable and accessible, we work with Swartz on regular content production including relatable articles and educational videos, posted to the website and then distributed across social channels.

When the global Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis hit, people need a source of information they could trust.

When Covid-19 first descended on the world, and more importantly the country, there was a mad scramble for people to get real-time, up to date information from multiple sources. Our team worked in a rapid-repones effort to create a Covid-19 resource center that provided access to all of the critical information people needed. This resource center included, news articles from multiple sources, links to employment, funding and government resources, real-time tweets from key accounts, active videos and advice for the lawyers at Swartz and more.

The project was so successful that it spiked the Swartz Law web traffic by more than 2000% over a duration of 4 months while covid-19 information took over the search trends and captivated the attention of the world and country. Not only did it seve as an informaiton hub but it dramatically resported brand awareness of Swartz & Swartz at the same time. New client inquiries and requests for legal assistance were dramatically increased as a result.

Consistency across all marketing channels. 

It’s incredibly important to maintain consistency in the communication, across all touch points and digital marketing channels where Swartz maintains a presence. To drive awareness and education to customers who may or may not be in need of legal services that Swartz provides. The end result is a communication strategy designed to captivate and educate. 

From the Swartz Team