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If your business survived 2020 -2021, congratulations!!! And the happy news is, chances are good that it will thrive in 2022 and beyond. As consumers return to their workplaces (often part-time), their buying habits will change as well – and companies must stay tuned to the shifting dynamics.


Although a permanent and total shift to a fully online economy seems unlikely – especially as risk-lowering vaccines protect increasingly large segments of the population – it’s quite clear that remote (or at least hybrid) work is here to stay for many consumers.

So, you’ve been home alone, working alongside a roommate, or your spouse and kids for the past 18 months. No doubt remote work has presented its share of challenges. From Zoom Doom to odd hours, to the isolation of not being in the office, we could all use a little break from the (new) norm.


The Transmyt team has put together a great guide, designed to help you thrive in this new world of remote work. And it doesn’t stop there. Not only do we want you to explore this free guide, but we’d love for you to help it grow by contributing some of your favorite resources and categories.

We’re excited to introduce a free interactive tool, that we’re calling the 2021 Digital Marketing Playbook.  It’s a 2 part interactive tool, designed to give you all the information you need, specific to your industry, fresh with definitions and links, for marketing success and business growth.


The second part is a self-assessment, that allows you to check your digital marketing health and see how well you’re already doing. The good news is, if you’re struggling, this playbook will help. If you feel like you’re doing a great job already, we’re confident this will offer strategies and ideas, you’re not yet implementing.

Whether you’re a seasoned marketing professional or a business owner, digital marketing has a long list of industry terms and jargon that can often be confusing, and at times you might not know what someone is talking about or how something might work into your overall marketing strategy.


There are hundreds of common digital marketing terms to know, but these are the ones that you should begin to understand in order to be successful, or at least have a conversation. So whether you’re new to marketing or just need to brush up on some terminology, this guide will share the most important marketing terms.

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We offer actionable advice for brands and businesses to implement in their growth efforts. We take pride in the content we produce and implement all of these strategies and considerations in our client accounts too.