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The Top Marketing Channels, And How They’re Changing in 2023

May 14th, 2023|

Have you ever wondered about the strategies businesses use to reach their customers? Welcome to the world of marketing channels! Organizations use these platforms or methods to communicate their messages, products, or services to their target audiences. Traditional Marketing Channels ●      Television ...

How to Create a Customer Journey Map (w/Examples)

May 8th, 2023|

Do you find it difficult to comprehend your customers' experiences and requirements? Would you like to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty? In that case, creating a customer journey map could be the solution. In this piece, we will assist you in creating a ...

How to Get More Social Engagement When Reach is Declining.

April 25th, 2023|

Social media has become an integral part of our lives, and it’s no longer just about staying connected with friends and family. It has become a vital tool for businesses to reach their audience and promote their products or services and conduct transactions. It’s a place to create ...

Why Smart Marketers Are Targeting the Other 97%

April 10th, 2023|

What do corporate consumers really want? A recent survey showed that only a meager 3% of visitors completed forms on the respondents’ websites. And this depressingly low figure seems to be constant across just about all Industries. Reaching out to seasoned B2B ...

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