Web Development

Web development is described as the process of building and maintaining websites. It involves crucial aspects like design, publishing, programming as well as database management.


Although ‘web developers’ and ‘web designers’ are considered the same, they actually represent two entirely different work domains. In technical terms, a ‘web designer’ is tasked with the design of the interface through HTML and CSS. On the other hand, a ‘web developer’ is the core executor of the design, being more equipped in PHP and ASP, alongside maintaining and updating the database.


In developing a web, there are various forms of content curation that the developer has to take care of. The process includes but is not limited to hand-coded webpages in the text editing interface, construction of websites in software like Dreamweaver, and updates of blogs through various blogging interfaces.


Easy to use tools like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal have become famous in the arenas of web development. This is because they provide the opportunity to create, edit and publish content at your own free will.


Despite several methods of website creation, a trade-off is witnessed between simplicity and customization which is why many large companies had dedicated teams to develop and manage their website and web portals. It is usually smaller companies that resort to simpler tools because they use it as a makeshift solution until they have the resources to hire the required professionals.