How do you build your personal brand? An old mentor used to tell me “People buy from people they like, unless you have the cure for cancer.”

In the present global economy where anyone can figure out how to sell anything, or anyone can copy what others are offering, having a strong personal brand is crucial in order to stand out. And not just to stand out, but to be trusted, that is the key. People trust something they can relate to, like a person, and not just a brand. With that trust comes loyalty, and with loyalty comes fans who proudly recommend your brand to others.

  • A Strong Personal Brand Adds Credibility
  • A Strong Personal Brand Makes You Attractive to Clients
  • A Strong Personal Brand Increases Your Asking Price
  • A Strong Personal Brand Builds a Bigger and Better Network

Aside from having access to a better network of people, a strong personal brand also offers new opportunities that could lead to a higher reach and influence.

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