While it’s true that analytics and business intelligence tools help marketers and business owners dig into the true numbers of marketing and optimization efforts, there’s another component to understanding your brand’s growth and popularity, especially as an early stage startup that may not have the budget or experience to engage with high-priced analytics software. Most of all it’s a feeling.

It’s OK to use your gut you know. 😇 it’s that feeling from:

  • People / Customers sending you thank you notes and emails.
  • Hundreds showing up for your events.
  • Daily unprovoked love on social media such as likes, mentions, comments and tags.
  • New users signing up for your SaaS platform without being able to tie to to any direct and specific effort.
  • Existing users using your “referral” functionality to get their friends and colleagues into your software as well.

Most CEOs I talk to have a general sense about the general position of they’re brand, and how their positioned with existing and potential customers and you should too. If your efforts feel stagnated or unnoticed, or people aren’t responding in ways you expected, chances are… you’re right and need to try something else. You may have a brand problem. On the other hand, if you’re gut tells you that people love your brand for any of the reasons above, you’re on the right track.. keep it up.

So pause, take a minute to think about how things are going? What does your gut tell you?